Friday, February 25, 2011

how the boys are

hey everyone

well, i seem to be getting a bit poor in respect of frequent updates of James and William, am i not? sorry about that, although they did feature in the recent post celebrating Grandma's new camera!

never mind, here are some pictures now! here's William, quite interested in some sort of squeezy stress ball James got with his kiddies meal during the week!

William, as you can see, is modelling one of the many, many fine jumpers / cardigans that Great Grandma Harland has very kindly sent on to us! sorry that he's looking so serious in the picture, i think it's due to me being in the way of where he wanted to throw the ball!

whereas William doesn't yet eat and enjoy the kiddies meals that come with toys which james thinks are so marvellous, he does still have a rather healthy appetite. so healthy, in fact, that he often wanders off to the kitchen to see if there's anything which takes his fancy.

the regular readers of this site shall be all too familiar with "back of the head" shots like the above one, for James went through a stage of preferring not to have his picture taken. William is continuing this rather interesting trend, in particular when i try and get a photo of the two of them together!

and when i do manage to get an image of the two of them facing the same way, it's not like they are always looking at the camera!

i think though, in fairness to them the above picture was taken as James was getting ready to do an elaborate dance-along to the theme of the magnificent TV show Gigglebiz, and William was just interested in seeing for how long he could get away with walking around whilst carrying James' football and wearing his schoolbag!

well, as you can see, both are healthy and happy at the moment! i shall do the best i can to keep the updates somewhat more regular!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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