Wednesday, February 09, 2011

the further adventures of A Chocolate Orange.....

hey everyone

well, Dad has politely reminded me that i haven't finished the quest of the Chocolate Orange for your reading pleasure. i perhaps should be in bed right now, but it's Holly Johnson's birthday, so what better way to spend it than sat listening to Frankie and writing tales of luxury confectionaries?

the journey of the Chocolate Orange around New Zealand has been rather well documented here, i believe. whereas i have about one thousand other pictures of it in New Zealand, only a few more shall follow later. in the mean time, then, let's have a look at the jolly good idea my Dad had, which was to take the Chocolate Orange along to Queensland to see how it would fare when faced with a cyclone warning.

i must say, to my eyes it seems like the thing was very keen to get on the flight.....

......presumably so it could have a go on this rather large cannon.

Dad, it has to be said, has got very attached to this Chocolate Orange, and has been taking it absolutely everywhere with him. i think you've worked that out by now, but to me it's like "do we really give you that few presents, Dad?". i mean, there are probably dozens of well thought out, considered gifts that all three of us have bought him over the years sat gathering dust; see one Chocolate Orange, buy it thinking "that'll cheer the old bugger up for a couple of hours" and the next thing you know it's being taken around the world with him.

here, for example, is the Chocolate Orange being taken on a tour of a mining site.

and not content with that, Dad took the Chocolate Orange off to see how government works in Queensland.

very well, one would hope it works - Queensland faces a massive era of rebuilding that i hardly need to highlight here; we're all hoping it's speedy.

and this brings to and end what is effectively the penultimate chapter in the travels of A Chocolate Orange. how will it end, do you wonder? well, fans of the excellent film Memento might be impressed when all is revealed, but i shall give no further clues. instead, i fear i must retire for the evening, i am very tired and first need to set the machines to record this 24 show off the tele.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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