Thursday, February 17, 2011

peeled (chocolate) orange

hey everyone

well, finally, here's the finale of the adventures of the somewhat infamous Chocolate Orange as it looked around New Zealand and Australia. or did it?

i thought it was mildy suspicious that Dad & Gillian would rather take the Chocolate Orange around with them instead of just eating it as soon as possible. these suspicions, it seems, were rather astute, as it seems that they did in fact eat it as soon as possible!

the pictures we have all been admiring since were nothing short of an impostor, quite frankly. the Chocolate Orange was eaten within days of arrival in New Zealand; the pictures we saw were of a child's toy (i am led to believe a plastic bowl from a tea set or something, no less) wrapped in the packaging!

well, that kind of ranks up there with Memento and The Usual Suspects as an interesting twist in the tale, does it not? many thanks indeed to all in New Zealand, and i believe Grant in particular, for creating all these wonderful images, then!

i gather the good people of New Zealand now have a taste for the magic of the Chocolate Orange as a consequence of me (indirectly) sending one their way. well, i am sure we can arrange, somehow, for another one to be with you eventually!

sorry again for the lack of frequent updates of late, will try to do better!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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