Thursday, February 10, 2011

new mug from New Zealand....

hey everyone

well, every year or so a new mug comes my way from New Zealand, and this year is certainly no exception. to clear up some confusion for those of you "in the know", however, this one is not a gift from my dear sister, it was bought by Mum. the ace mug that Gillian did send me, a classy Mr Bump affair, is safely at home for my use there.

moving on, and it has become something of a custom for me to have several pictures of me and the mug taken with the fine, fine people at my place of verk, as if to give proof, evidence and testimony that it is being used. i am not one to break custom , and so here we go with roughly half of the pictures taken, and these pictures are as ever taken by my expert, personal photographer, Trigger.

first off, here is me showing off the mug to Galilee, who i suspect was rather more interested in the telephone conversation she was having at the time Trigger decided to take the picture.

and who could blame her?

next off is Sandy, which is quite interesting. the problem i have with coffee mugs is that the handle tends to break off them due to over-use, or generous use if you wish to be polite. i have no quarrel at all with blaming this quite natural phenomenon on Sandy, and i am not shy about letting people know that she is probably to blame.

and here i am with Viv who, for her sins, gets to work directly with me. i am not quite sure how she puts up with me at verk, but i am very glad indeed that she does!

the more observant / bored of you shall have noticed that my shirt colour appears to change in the pictures. believe me, this is neither magic nor some sort of optical illusion created by Trigger - they are in fact two different shirts as the pictures were taken across two different days.

the fact that both are shades of blue does lead quite nicely to the next picture being of Shaun, whose only real crime is a love of Everton.

the man does get an amnesty, though, as he knows an awful lot about quality music. and yes, by quality music i do mean "that which was recorded in the 80s".

moving along, and here's a fantastic picture of one of my dearest friends ever, as well as the person in this world who has the unfortunate pleasure of being responsible for explaining the more non-standard things i get up to at verk.

in many respects Ronel and i could quite well be called the "beauty and the beast" of verk. i shall leave it to you to work out which is which, but it has been a while since i made the long list of a beauty contest......

joining the list of those who were surprised and not quite sure as to what this photograph business was all about is Nedine, who is also someone i am very proud to call a friend.

she has known me all the time i have been at my place of verk, which is pushing 12 years. she does not appear to have been driven crazy by the experience as such as of yet, or is just very, very good at hiding it.

and, just to show how excellent my place of verk is, here are some images of me with yet more of the fine ladies i have the distinct honour and pleasure of working with. behold, if you will, Tanya, Kim and Stacey.

if you are wondering, i am the one in the middle-ish section, the one who is somewhat taller and wider than the others.

and do not think that the beauty is limited just there. oh no, here we go with more!

yes, of course there are many chaps at our workplace too. here are some men being men, for the viewing pleasure of some of my lady readers and a few of the men too (hello, Spiros).

it was not too long after that picture above was taken that Michelle, also known as "Ace" for reasons i would prefer not to disclose here, decided that she wished to be in a picture too. it's actually quite rare that someone wishes to pose for one of these pictures, so it's a delight to post it here!

moving back to men, and no more man do you get that the legendary Leslie. he has many, many, many excellent qualities, but alas he has the achillies heel of supporting that Man United bunch, something which is not always easy to overlook or put aside.

as is the case with Viv, Leslie too verks directly with me. i really have no idea where he finds the willpower to put up with me, but remain very glad that he does.

and just what would a coffee mug be without something in it? nothing, except an empty coffee mug i suppose. i am delighted, then, to bring to you an image of the ladies who work so hard in our area to make sure we have coffee in the mugs!

we are nearly at an end of the pictures, by the way - well done for reading this far!

next up is the wonderful (yes, she made me say that) Iggy, who when i started at verk took me in and tried to teach me how to do my job properly. if i do not do it properly, it really isn't her fault.

Iggy was also kind enough to attend the wedding of Michele & i, and futher made sure that i got married. well, it really is best not to argue with her!

i have been fortunate enough to meet some very remarkable people in my life, but of those few have been quite so remarkable as Claudia.

Claudia is someone who doesn't so much see the glass as always being half full, but rather as overflowing with potential, possibility and good things. i and a great many others would be far better people if we could follow her example sometimes.

just two more to go!

here is Anthea for your viewing pleasure. i must say she was concerned about the pictures at first, but when i assured her that they were not for that sort of web page she was quite happy to play along.

and finally, Hedge and Zama, making all sorts of "gangsta" signs.

i have included Hedge and Zama partly because they are exceptional colleagues and good friends, but mostly, it has to be said, because if i didn't have their picture here then they would cry about being excluded like a right pair of big girls' blouses.

for those of you reading this who didn't feature, my apologies, but i shall treasure those pictures all the same!

in the mean time, i do trust and hope you have enjoyed these images of my latest chalice of coffee!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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