Friday, July 30, 2010

the boys before they got ill.....

hey everyone

well, as promised (and quite sooner than you might have thought) here are a couple of more pics of James and William doing their apparent morning table routine at school. it's just as well that i took them yesterday, for today they were at the doctor!

neither of the boys have been feeling particularly well of late, but this got somewhat worse during the course of Thursday. off to the doctor it was, and it turns out that James once again has tonsillitis, whereas William has a touch of a gastro infection. oh dear! well, both are at home with medicine, and certainly seem to be a touch better. i am sure Grandma visiting helped!

yes Dad, before you say, i know these two picture are not to the high quality you take. just eat some of your new chocolate and admire the best effort my camera phone can manage!

i thought i had best update now as there is a good chance we shall, once again, be sans internet this weekend. that incompetent bunch Neo Tel, despite several promises and apologies, have once again delivered exceptional bad service and claim that we have cancelled our account when we have not.

hopefully we are not switched off, but if we are, well, as soon as they fix it or we simply get a proper internet provider, i will update as soon as i can!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, mostly each other - if you run into a thick, incompetent Neo Tel employee who can't do their job properly and you feel like punching them in the face, well, it is not for me to advise against that as such.
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