Tuesday, July 06, 2010

David Bowie wants every penny i have and will ever have

hey everyone

well, after promising that it would be released "within the first six months of 2010", David Bowie in the seventh month of this year announces that the Station To Station deluxe edition will be released in the ninth month of this year! well, who are we to assume that the great one follows the same kind of calendar that we all do?

calling this reissue a "deluxe" edition appears to be something of an understatement. behold, look how beautiful this impressive set is!

thus far there's no information on the cost of it all - i suspect, then, if you have to ask what it costs then you can't afford it! hopefully David takes it easy on us fans who have thrown fortunes at him already, but it doesn't look like it comes on the cheap.

i must say there does appear to be one or two very curious inclusions on the set. for some reason this "uber" deluxe version contains a replica of the original 1985 CD release - is there really a nostalgia market for first generation, somewhat poor sounding by today's standards compact discs? there's also an "e.p." version of the album, which as far as i can work out "just" features 5 of the 6 album tracks, the cover of Wild Is The Wind being the track dropped to apparently transform it from album to e.p.!

i look forward to seeing the price of this super set, but also fear it. i suspect i may very well have to settle for the somewhat more modest 3 CD set, which features the remastered, cleaned up album along with the 3 CD set of the legendary Nassau Coliseum '76 gig.

the more "modest" version looks pretty too, just not quite as pretty as the super version!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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