Thursday, July 15, 2010

i thought i was smiling....

hey everyone

well, somewhat out of the blue this week, James asked if Mummy could take some pictures of her boys. considering James shies away from pictures more often than not this was unusual, and a chance to jump at.

as fate would have it, alas, the batteries for the camera were down really, really low, thus we couldn't get as many pics as James seemed keen for!

oh well, let us not lament the ones we could not take, instead just celebrate the ones that we could!

now, i was doing my best to smile in these pictures, my apologies for not looking like i am! my curious expression is probably down to a combination of the flash and having to move around whilst James decided how he wished to pose!

just as well that vanity isn't really a curse for me, otherwise i would possibly have opted not to put these up here! James managed to persuade the batteries to work long enough to take a picture of me and William together, at least!

well, as you can see, we are all fine and well on this side! hope all is good wherever you are, and i certainly hope it's a good deal warmer than we have it at the moment!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!
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