Friday, July 30, 2010

the disabled in the workplace

hey everyone

well, firstly let me make it quite clear that i am an advocate of enabling people with disabilities to enter the workplace. my own place of verk has a fantastic program in this respect, and it is to be encouraged.

that said, there are obvious limitation to what disabled people can and cannot do. sure, it is not particularly politically correct to say that, but the truth seldom cowers at the shadow of the social norm. these limitations are in particular of concern when one wishes to employ someone with mental rather than physical disabilities. the results, as good intentioned as they no doubt were, can be severe and detrimental to many, many people.

an example of this could quite possibly be those responsible for the roads here, as they have clearly hired someone who is in some capacity retarded. it surely can only be the case that someone lacked the knowledge or skills of cognitive thinking, presumably through some form of mental illness, that they took the decision to, on a Friday lunchtime, close off an entire lane of the busiest highway on the entire continent of Africa to remove some flags.

it is admirable that they have opted to hire someone with a clear mental illness to make decisions like this, but surely the consequences to thousands of motorists should perhaps have been considered before allowing this individual to make such decisions?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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