Sunday, July 25, 2010

painting and eating (whilst flag waving)

hey everyone

sorry again, i took these pictures about a week or so ago and just haven't gotten around to doing a proper update for them! well, here they are!

last weekend we were blessed with an actual "planned" power outage, one that it turns out only went on for four hours longer than they gave assurances about. no matter, we could at least make a plan for the day in advance, and thus off we went to Grandma and Grandad for the day.

since Grandad had a busy day of cyclists and horses lined up for the TV, not to mention some funny dressed men walking around a windy field with some sticks, we thought it best to get James something to keep him busy instead of letting him try and unsuccessfully get Grandad to switch the TV over to cartoons. painting it was, then!

we found some rather ace sets in a toy store that came with dinosaur statues to paint, along with a brush and four different paints to use. a week later i went into the store where i got them, by the way, and discovered they had pushed the price up! no matter, James loved the velociraptor we got him, and painted it a most excellent psychedelic colour!

the result was that James was happy and busy, leaving Grandad to flick through the channels with, if you will excuse the reference to his penchant for attracting sailors, gay abandon!

yes, eagle eyed observers, that is indeed a "Bakugan" Grandad is holding on to, as he intently watches someone either cycling up a hill or smacking a ball around!

James was also very excited to see that Grandad had taken down his large array of flags from the garden wall. he did at first have ideas of using them as some sort of elaborate lightsabres, but was soon stopped. instead, then, he opted to recreate one of his favourite songs at the moment and did some glorious flag waving. with Grandma helping, of course!

as for William, well, he just has fun all the time, no matter where he is! he does sort of like having his picture taken, as you can see in this one as he sits with Mummy!

you will notice that he has a bib on. well, William might as well have a bib on all the time, really, as he simply loves eating. he wasn't too fanatical about drinking the recommended amounts of milk each day in his early days, but boy is he making up for that now he is having cereal and a range of purified foods!

he seems particularly happy whenever he is sat in his most imperial feeding chair!

despite no teeth coming through as such, i really do think we missed a trick in not calling him Hannibal. or perhaps even "Jaws", since today with just his gums he managed to "bite" straight through a teething biscuit!

finally, then, a couple of more pictures of the boys. This is what James currently considers to be a "good and proper" pose for having your picture taken.

my, school pictures shall be fun! next up though is an extra special picture of William, extra special because James took it!

well, there we have it! believe it or not i've had a shave and a haircut since the last pics of me, but as no pictures were taken of me you will just have to take my word for it!

hope all is well with you in your various corners around the world!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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