Monday, August 02, 2010

haircut and happy 8 months!

hey everyone

well, following on my last post, it seems we still have a net connection at home - i believe Michele had a frank and forthright chat with them, but that tends not to mean very much to them going on past form! never mind, let us celebrate the miracle of a company wishing to retain a client by posting some pictures!

first off, one of the most difficult things to do in this world is to get James to have a haircut. for some reason, however, he was rather eager to go for one today. partly, i suspect, because his hair was over his ears and eyes, but mostly because he was promised any ice cream he cared to order after!

please note the precision with which he is displaying the ice cream - he deliberately posed with it this way so that you could all see that it was caramel and vanilla!

William, meanwhile, is still not feeling too well. he's considerably better than last week, but still has a bit of an upset tummy, and an unusual drop in appetite. well, not a drop that we are concerned with, but a drop all the same. it seems to be a mix of upset tummy and teeth popping through, poor lad! he does, however, celebrate 8 months with us today! here he is posing in his soon-to-be bedroom!

the room that will be William's bedroom has only been known to James as "the secret room" that he was not allowed to go into, just in case Santa used it to store presents. needless to say, now that he can go in there, he's in there whenever he can be just in case there's something for him!

well, hope all is well with you wherever you might be in the world!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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