Thursday, July 01, 2010

behold, the boys in July

hey everyone

well, a new month, almost a new milestone for William (seven months this month!) and thus i give you an update on the boys at last. yes, i know, sorry for the lack of updates of late, etc, etc, as usual i have been busy, although some of the more regular readers will be quite aware of that!

i would say here we go with a rather smart picture i got of the two of them, but most of you will merrily have skipped past my musings (yes Dad, this is a reference to you) and gone to the pictures anyway!

now, William had a most excellent smile on the go, right up until the moment the flash went off. sorry! as for James, doesn't he look healthy and happy? hard to tell that a mere 3 days ago he was in to have 4 (four) teeth out (!) and an equal number of fillings!

digressing slightly on that note, i am not sure if i mentioned it here before, but James needed the teeth out due to damage done to them by antibiotics when he was younger. as, i guess, opposed to when he was older. oh dear.

still, he has recovered nicely - i think the new Batman and Joker toys helped somewhat in that regard. as an aside - all that dental work on Monday, yet on Tuesday he was asking if he could please have a KFC Chicky Meal. aaah, there's proof of fatherhood that beats even the most advanced DNA testing!

speaking of the father of these two fine boys, Michele was keen to have a pic of all three of her lads, presumably to prove conclusively that they do indeed get their dashing good looks from her.....

as you will have seen, i got the pics of William in his walker ring thing. we have, with some sense of bravery, taken the breaks off and left him to push himself around a bit. this is something William considers to be absolutely brilliant (we guess), since he now roams around the lounge looking for things to grab and eat!

that said, the walking ring thing retains enough delights to keep him happy when he can't be pestered to walk around (Hannibal did beckon Clarice closer to him, after all). observe, if you will, his unbridled joy at the spinning ball with a fish and little balls in it!

well, after a challenging and interesting week, all is rather fine here, i am happy to say. i certainly trust that the same is true of you!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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