Monday, July 12, 2010

all things Kubrick

hey everyone

well, that title might be a bit misleading, but as fate would have it there are two Stanley Kubrick "things" making the news over the last week.

firstly, the rather useful film news site Ain't It Cool News has obtained a rather unusual behind the scenes picture from Kubrick's great Dr Strangelove. it's rather unusual because, as you can see, it's in colour!

wow! rather strange, if you will excuse the phrase, to see the set and indeed Sellers as Dr Strangelove in colour! nice of the greatest film director of all time to test out the chair!

if that wasn't enough interesting Kubrick imagery for now, a rather fine artist by the name of Carlos Ramos is holding an exhibition of paintings inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick.

any or all of the paintings produced would look mighty fine in our home, but as the prices run into many thousands of $$$$ for them i guess i shall just admire them on the internet. if you click on the link you can see a wide selection of the paintings, but if you can't be bothered here are two of my favourites.

first off, here's a great one from a pivotal scene in 2001.

and secondly, interestingly an interpretation from possibly my least favourite Kubrick film (although it remains a masterpiece), perhaps my favourite painting of the whole lot. Behold this stunning work of young Danny in The Shining

i wonder how many more Kubrick related stories shall turn up this week?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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