Monday, June 28, 2010

the generation game

so, farewell then, the so called "golden generation" that were, apparently, destined to deliver success. instead they decided to deliver one of the greatest ever displays of indifference and self-interest.

are they distraught and broken by the disappointment and failure? no, not really. their self-centered, blatantly non-committal stance means they can barely bring themselves to shrug their shoulders.

growing up in Middlesbrough, all you ever wanted to see was your team do their best. go down, lose by 3 or 4, but just do your best. that's all, really. it shouldn't be too much to ask of those who have carved out a (healthy) living doing what they love, but apparently it is.

they of course have managed to garner an excuse for this inept display, as highlighted by several jokes on their excuse, the one below being the best of them.

and speaking of the best, how is it that a certain player is hailed as a "world great", yet in two appearances at the stage for the world's greats to do their thing he has failed to deliver just one single, solitary goal?

the interwebnet is filled with rants and raves about what happened one Sunday afternoon in Bloemfontein. instead of looking back at that too much, all i ask is that the next time a side is needed, fill it with people with a desire and passion to play. i, and the majority of fans, couldn't care less how popular and glamorous they are - just field people who actually want to be on the field.
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