Saturday, November 07, 2009


hey everyone

well, first off, two apologies. it feels like ages since i updated this site, sorry - things have been somewhat hectic in getting ready for the arrival in early December!

secondly, apologies for anyone who has come to look at this expecting to see something about erstwhile Stone Roses dancer Cressa. this, alas, is not about him, although now that i think about it wouldn't Cressa be an excellent name for the new baby? oh, Michele says no.

this article is more Cress than Cressa, as young James has been rather enamoured with the idea of growing some cress for a while now - ever since he saw the chefs on the magnificent, if somewhat unconventional show Big Cook Little Cook using some in a recipe.

when it comes to growing things, the man to turn to would be Grandad, and last week he got James some cress seeds, a tray and a bagful of soil.

a mere 6 days later, and a lot of love and water (both from James, the latter also from some insane storms this week) has thus far produced this!

needless to say, James is thrilled with the results of his first growing experiment thus far! who knows, perhaps he will indeed have the great green fingers that his Grandad and Great Grandad have, the skills that somewhat bypassed me!

the interesting bit, however, will be to see if James actually eats the cress he has so lovingly grown. he did get all excited about celery when he saw that the Wonder Pets love it, but that lasted all of one half of one bite! we shall see when it is fully grown, unless of course James' wish is that it just keeps growing and growing!

well, hope the next update is somewhat sooner! all is well on this side otherwise, hope the same is true for you!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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