Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Zealand Head Protetction Deployment

hey everyone

well, after my observations around crash helmets in general and crash helmets worn in New Zealand when my Dad has a good idea (click here), Gillian is rather adamant that i say what the helmets are for. if "adamant" is sending me two mails and leaving a comment here, of course.

the crash helmets are worn to provide a measure of safety on something called a "luge ride", something that i think takes place in the magnificent, mountainous region of New Zealand known to the locals as Rotorua, and indeed known to visitors as Rotorua.

at a guess i would say that a "luge ride" is some sort of snow free sledge ride, which in fairness looks quite class and a lot less colder than a traditional snow sledge ride!

Grandad and Katie certainly seemed to think this was a very cool thing!

i would probably wish to wear a crash helmet doing that too. and knee, elbow and everywhere you can think of pads, as i would probably go flying off on the first corner!

right then, hope that makes Gillian happy! i have several thousand other pics from New Zealand as hinted at, will do my best to put them up here soon!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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