Monday, November 09, 2009

Bill and Ben and James and Grandad....

hi everyone

well, it might oddly be the case that this should be hi everyone except Grandma. that sounds rather mean, i know, but i think one of the comments from my Dad at some point was that the following images of Bill and Ben should be reserved as a "surprise" for Grandma, and the price of them should certainly not be revealed. erm, yeah, so pretend you didn't read this, right?

last week, when Grandad took James off to buy some cress(a) seeds, Grandad "accidentally" bout two rather well made Bill and Ben out of Bill and Ben flowerpot men things. James and Grandad both love them to bits, and on the next visit James was given the task of finding them!

Grandad then gave himself the task of getting James to sit still and smile for a picture with them. getting James to do something he isn't particularly of a mind to do is invariably a silly task to set about, but no matter, as Grandad's attempts led me to capture this wonderful picture of the two (four) of them!

now then, to further distract Grandma from the bits above she might not be supposed to be seeing, here's James rather excitedly opening up a parcel that arrived for him today, all arranged by Grandma.

James was very excited indeed when i told him that something had arrived in the post for him! now i can vaguely recall Grandma asking if anything had arrived for him, to which i responded "such as?". apparently Grandma had saved a whole load of cat food labels, the requisite number of which "won" or got you a subscription to an animal magazine.

James, needless to say, is very impressed that Grandma did this! he rather loves looking at all the pets in the magazine that landed!

after this magazine, and watching the rather splendid Snow Buddies over the weekend, i think James is going to start trying to get our two cats to behave more like dogs this week. oh dear.......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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