Monday, November 09, 2009

genius requires no name

hey everyone

well, our lives on the roads near where we live has been quite a formidable experience this year. they've been doing extensive and long, long overdue "upgrades" of the main intersection. a usual 30 minute journey has been changed into one of close to two hours whilst all the roadworks have been going on.

last weekend was an occasion of much merriment, as there was an announcement that the "new bridge" was to be opened. however, joy turned to sadness when it turned out that they were doing this in order to demolish the existing bridge!

here's a pretty bad picture that i managed to take....

yep, all they have managed to do, then, is take an existing problem and move it some five to ten meters south. genius. going on this morning, in fact, they have thus far made the problem worse, and journeys to verk and what have you take even longer.

these roadworks were supposed to be finished by April 2010; now we are advised that they shall take "at least another year". ho hum. of course, the neurotic, self-styled "traffic expert" (who can be relied on only to be as pompous as he is incorrect) on a certain radio station in our area declared this new development to be "brilliant" and "really helping", no matter how many people phoned in, berating him and the rather badly planned temporary road system.

on behalf of all who live in our area, a heartfelt thank you to the places where we all verk - i doubt a single one of us gets in at anything close to a conventional time with all this going on.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, not those who don't plan road constructions properly, and nor those who report that all is well with the poor planning......
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