Monday, November 23, 2009

all things head protection related

hey everyone

i wouldn't say that i have a really big issue with crash helmets and things like that, but i do sometimes wonder if they are always necessary. i mean, for a bike, skateboard or something earth related then i understand. protective headgear in construction and mining work is certainly a given, if for no other reason than to give one that rather cool "construction worker out of the Village People" look.

however, the further into the skies one goes, the point of such a device is surely less and less relevant. i think it was the great Jerry Seinfeld that once puzzled over skydivers wearing helmets; his comment was something like "the moment you leave the plane, the helmet is wearing you for protection". fighter pilots wear them too, but not people on "civilian aircraft". i think fighter pilots wear them for the microphone thing, though, so they can go "schhhhhh roger roger, bogey at 10-15" or something.

however, if something higher in the sky involves my Dad, then i would say that wearing some sort of head protection is always a very good idea. to be quite frank, doing anything my Dad thinks is a good idea invariably, really. he is not against, for example, sending me down a slide to see if the concrete is set, or sending James over a bridge to see if it is stable.

so then, whereas usually i would suggest a helmet at a height is a waste of time, it has to be said that i am delighted to see that Katie wisely has one on as she goes up some sort of "sky lift" in New Zealand!

now, Gillian gets all funny when i can't be bothered to look up the proper names of places in New Zealand, in particular when she has taken the time to send the actual name on. according to the mail dad sent, this is taken at Skyline Rotorua Luge. i can only hope that this is correct!

either way, it looks quite a class ride! i am not sure what one could see from the top of wherever the ride takes them, but i dare say it was an ace view.

there are several (thousand) other pictures of New Zealand to upload, but alas i have not gotten around to it yet. will do soon!

in the mean time,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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