Monday, November 16, 2009

back in stores at last......

hey everyone

well, a rare instance of a shameless plug here. two rather fine albums were re-released today after not being available for ten or so years at the least. you are hereby encouraged to go off and purchase them!

first off would be Holly Johnson's excellent debut album, Blast. featuring pop classics like Love Train and Americanos, the album is ten tracks of pure, perfect pop.

the copy you find on the shelves won't be signed like mine pictured here, but Holly does make himself available to the fans - buy it and try contacting him online, who knows he may send you something!

the second re-release today would be Holly Johnson's second album, Dreams That Money Can't Buy. for some inexplicable and probably criminal reason this album was subject to poor promotion and release by the label. it took me ages to find it when it was released, and even then i could only get the cassette!

this album features two great pop tunes, Across The Universe and Where Has Love Gone? that are the equal of anything else Holly has done, and overall the album is just as great as it's big selling predecessor. it's pretty much a given that Blast will get most of the attention from these long overdue re-releases, but with some luck people will discover what a "lost classic" Holly's second solo album is - i'm thrilled to be able to get it on CD at last for a start!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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