Sunday, October 11, 2009

Superman and Michele....

hey everyone

just a few pics from last night, taken before the camera batteries died. well, obviously - i wouldn't have been able to take them after, i suppose. i mean, i could have tried a sketch or two.

first up, here's James with his new prized possession! a rather ace 7" picture disc of the theme from Superman II!

trust me, that is James behind the record! Grandad found this record whilst going through some of his records, and what a find! it does indeed seem to be a rare item - as far as i can see copies of this sell in the region of 30 UK pounds! that's nice, but there's no way it is for sale. you couldn't get it off James for any amount, for a start!

next up, since she hasn't featured much here of late, here's Michele, and you can see exactly how well, in regards of size at least, baby is doing!

let's see - barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. let it not be said, then, that Michele isn't doing her best to try and be a proper Yorkshireman's wife!

i believe the one above was taken by James, in between his determination to take a picture of each and every tile on the floor!

it's not unlikely that i will be in trouble for putting these pics here, in case you wanted your wonders on that subject confirmed!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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