Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ambury Farm Day

hey everyone

well, New Zealand seems to have gone on a bit of a photography binge of late! Gillian, Grant, Katie and Daniel sent these pics on a few days ago, and i must confess i just haven't gotten around to putting some up. until now, at least!

these pics are from, and i want us to be clear on this, Ambury Farm Day.the last time i posted NZ pics i could not recall the name of the venue and thus just took a wild guess at what it was. Gillian, it has to be said, was far from impressed with this approach.

first up, here's Katie and Daniel basking in the sun which bathed Ambury Farm on the day of Ambury Farm day...., if you don't mind me saying, that is a splendid number of public conveniences available to them there. not sure if Gillian wished to capture them in the picture, but it is nice to be reassured that should we ever be so fortunate to be present at a future Ambury Park Day and find ourselves caught short, we have no reason to fear nor to look for a discreet tree.

here we go again - Katie's found herself another vehicle powered by a conventional combustion engine, and thus she's going to have a jolly good crack at driving again.

as ever, Daniel would appear to be her passenger of choice as she gives it a whirl, and as would be usual Daniel seems far from comfortable with this driving business his beloved big sister seems so keen on!

the lack of comfort with the idea seems to have been enough to suggest to Daniel that taking a brisk walk might be the more prudent approach!

and here's Daniel and Katie looking on with awe and wonder as someone does something to, or perhaps with, a sheep......, dear reader, fear not. i would never ever put, or so much as suggest at, a picture of Grant [TEXT REMOVED ON LEGAL ADVICE], in particular as i have a request stemming from this perfectly innocent picture of a gent shearing (that's shearing) a sheep.....

now then, that shirt he has on, by someone called "Supershear", looks quite ace! Gillian, i have taken the liberty of researching the company, and have discovered that they do a 44" black jeans. yes please, i would like to wear a pair with pride! unless they are rather expensive designer ones; as i know nothing of fashions here i know an equal amount of such things on your side of the Ocean!

evidently it was a most excellent day, as Katie and Daniel were clearly worn out by the end of it!!

Many thanks indeed for the fine pictures, and an extra special thanks in hopeful advance for the ace shearing jeans!

oh, and by the way Gillian, apparently the tape deck is "almost" fixed - who knows, soon you may have new quality vibes to play in the car!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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