Sunday, October 11, 2009

James and Lyla

hi there

well, yesterday saw the world at large having the pleasure of Richard, Erika and Lyla popping in to town for a bit. Richard and Erika busied themselves with a vast array of butchers and friends, but that's OK, because it left James and Lyla to go ahead and play nicely for a bit!

first up of course was giving Lyla the new editions of the Strawberry Shortcake collection that i'm busy getting for her!

to be honest, i suspect Richard takes the Strawberry Shortcake back pack, tea set and cutlery off with him to work, but i am sure Lyla doesn't mind sharing!

Lyla certainly enjoys receiving these new toys for her collection, and of course said thank you to James!

now, the above does look a bit like the rather unusual stories Grant told us on his views on relations between cousins. as enthusiastic as Grant was for such curious tales, i do not believe we shall be repeating them on this side, thanks!

next up is time for some rather excellent chocolate chip cookies! they look yummy, but don't take my word for it - have a look at the rather optimistic Marmite by James, hoping to get one too!

now, as the summer season is finally upon us, and it managed not to rain this Saturday, it was time to go and do some swimming! James and Lyla aren't quite there yet with being able to swim, but as you can see they are rather happy to just sit in the pool and chill!

and just what is it that they are looking so impressed with? that would be me who, as you can see in this next one, was called upon to provide some entertainment with some handstands. again and again. for about two hours...

i don't think i have broken or pulled anything with this unusual display of acrobatics, but my nose on a couple of occasions came close to being shaved off by the psychotic, possibly possessed pool cleaner my Dad has going around in the pool!

as for this next pic, well, it's just a really cool picture of James!!

i didn't have to do handstands all the time. sometimes i was allowed to fetch the ball for them to play with! this distressed Marmite somewhat, as she was rather enjoying playing with it too!

James and Lyla also love watching movies on Grandad's massive television set when they visit. i think they were watching Dinosaur or possibly The Lion King; either way they certainly seem impressed and enthralled!

i suspect that Lyla may have been even more impressed if Grandma hadn't left the remote control in the care of James. he tends to "condense" films when he has it, making even the most epic of films last no more than a few minutes thanks to that most excellent "next chapter" button.

well, the two of them certainly had a wonderful time, as did we watching them having fun!!

hope you've all had an excellent weekend too!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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