Saturday, October 24, 2009

i know my Frankie, it seems......

hey everyone

well, here's a story that i have wished to tell for a few weeks now, but i thought it best to wait until something arrived. and, may i say or write with an enormous smile on my face, it has arrived!!

a few weeks ago, on the most excellent Frankie Goes To Hollywood forum, former Frankie guitarist Brian "Nasher" Nash ran a competition. he said there may or may not be a prize, but he wanted to see if anyone would recognize this lovely lady.....

i looked at the picture, and took a partly educated but mostly wild guess that it was perhaps the model that posed for the much celebrated, somewhat infamous cover for Frankie's first single, Relax....

....and i was right!!!!!!!!! the lady is indeed Caroline Dent, made famous forever by this cover. someone on the Frankie forum very kindly put up this set of pics, taken from an article in Q magazine about the best record covers of all time. Dad and Barrie, you may want to watch the blood pressure before you look at the next picture!

and, in his wisdom, Nasher decided that my efforts were indeed worthy of a prize. i was given two options. if i mentioned the one i turned down i suspect some of my chums on the forum would be bewildered, so i won't! instead then, behold what i received!

both of Nasher's solo albums (Ripe and Le Grande Fromage) and the limited edition Top Of The Pops Again single. all signed!!!

am i happy about this? well, let's have a look at the picture James very kindly took!!

a very big thanks indeed to Nasher for an exceptionally generous gift!

now, i do have one very ace Brian "Nasher" Nash story. many, many years ago, when the old gang was over in England for our dear friend Rohan Smith's wedding, we went out for a pint the night before the wedding. this gradually turned into easily more than a dozen pints. we ended up going to one of Felixstowe's finest night clubs (well, possibly only, and the tale of how we got there is impressive and, at this time, unpublishable). although the bouncers on the door were keen to let us in anyway, the legendary John O'Boyle decided that it would be far better to try and "blag" our way in, and thus introduced me as being "the son of Brian Nash out of Frankie Goes To Hollywood.". i have no idea if the people of Felixstowe were impressed by this, we were far too trashed to tell. but i certainly hope they were!

in the mean time, it perhaps goes without saying that i strongly recommend that you head over to Nasher's website and have a listen to his music. i would suggest that you buy it, but as you will be impressed with what you hear from the samples you will go and purchase it without any further encouragement.

right, that means i have stuff signed by Nasher and Holly! not sure where or when in the world Ped or Mark O'Toole are, but i believe Paul Rutherford currently resides in New Zealand. Gillian, why have you not found him and got him to sign something for me yet?

should he be reading this, many thanks again Nasher!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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