Friday, October 16, 2009

more from family weekend visits.....

hey everyone

well, following on from the pics of James seeing Lyla last weekend, here's the ones of the day after, where we went to visit what is colloquially and indeed factually referred to as Michele's family.

now then, Natasha didn't get photographed, and nor did Brandon. Dylan was far too busy with the Jaws game on the PS thing to be doing pictures (nice one Richard, thanks) and as for my dear mother-in-law, Monica, well, i have taken one picture of her this year.

Jade and Skyla, however, simply love the idea of being photographed!

they are pictured here holding some sort of Spongebob Squarepants box which they were using as part of a most excellent "hide and seek treasure hunt" game. James tried to join in, but is of the firm view that a treasure hunt requires a treasure map, as seen in the fine film Muppets Treasure Island.

perhaps inspired by Jade and Skyla posing for the camera, though, James did do that thing that he infrequently does, which is stand and make a nice pose for a picture!!

and indeed he did go on a treasure hunt of sorts, for as you can see here he stands, puzzling as to when exactly his sibling will be coming out of Mummy's tummy!

speaking of which, here's a picture of Michele in full bloom, as it were. although not quite, as she seems to be getting bigger and bigger and has 7 or so weeks to go still. blimey, John Hurt never looked this big in Alien, but apparently that film is not considered a good guide for pregnancies. go figure.

Michele is rather taken with this Tinkerbell t-shirt. as Disney have spent years and years projecting the "ideal woman" in unrealistic terms with their cartoon caricatures, Michele is of a mind that she has some sort of revenge on them by giving 'Tinkers' some fat thighs in this pic!

and what better way to finish off a weekend seeing all and sundry than with a nice hair cut? James wasn't too impressed with the idea, as you can see, but it got done, and he got a few treats for being a good boy (for the most part) whilst Mummy trimmed away!!

right, i think a weekend with our feet up after all that, so don't expect all that many exciting pictures for a few days or weeks!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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