Monday, October 05, 2009

more scanned pictures.....

hey everyone

i've been busy with the scanner again! i nearly called this post "more pics from the past", but as i can't quite fathom how i would do pictures from the future i decided against it. wisely, perhaps.

first up is one of Michele and i from our younger, unmarried days. i think that it might have been from 2002, it's possible that it's earlier, though.

i appear to be banging the world to rights, but i think i was on nothing harder than Pepsi and Coffee that evening. Michele perhaps looks like she's 3 (or 43) sheets to the wind in this one; that would be because on that evening she and my Dad made some rather light work of my Dad's impressive Port collection. it was probably around the 5th bottle that Dad decided she was family!

and here's another pic of Michele and i, this time in what you could say is our home from home, Sun City.

i really like that pic. why? not sure, but probably because although Michele has the looks, brains, talent, skill and all grown up things, i am taller. it's not much to cling to i know, but i do cling to it. and, if you trust my word on this, i have considerably more hair on my chest than her. see, there's two areas i trump her.

going back to 1983 now, and a picture from a "photo shoot" that i've shown a similar one before. only this time i seem to be giving the thumbs up rather than waving a fist about.

i am sure you know who's who in the above picture, and i dare say that Gillian is positively thrilled to see a pic from her early days on this site!

next up is an ace family pic from a holiday in Malta. if i had to take a wild guess when, it's 1984 or 1985. i'm not sure if Dad copied Botham or if Botham copied Dad with this distinctive look, but if you ask my Dad, well, you can guess who he would tell you is the trend setter. just before he plays you Dedicated Follower Of Fashion and points out the bit where it sounds like they name him in the song.

and here we go leaving Malta. oh, and rest assured, as much as i love Marlboro now, i dare say that i didn't know what they were then, so whoever my Dad has that rather impressive stash of them for is not me!

Gillian seems rather keen on getting in the plane than she does posing for a pic, does she not?

now, i do my best to avoid that "me, me, me" trap that blogs are supposed to be, but here's an ace picture of me reading some quality literature!

i don't remember the contents of that book, but i do remember that ace jumper i had on! if you ever bump into my Uncle Trevor, by the way, ask him for his Roland Rat impression, it's quite class!

now, i'm trying to remember the specifics of this next picture, but for the life of me i cannot. i think it's from 1989, but it could be late 1988. either way, it's my dear Uncle Colin and i, apparently at some fancy lunch or do!

i suspect that if it's not my 16th birthday from 89, it's Grandad Stanley's from 1988. ho hum, someone with a better memory than i might be able to place it!

and now, folks, a rare "BGC" (before Grandchildren!) picture!

nice to have us all in a shot, really! well, it could be after Katie and James came along but before Lyla (certainly, obviously, before the very New Zealand born Daniel), but my suspicion is that this is some time before Richard and Erika got married. yep, Erika met us all, had the chance to run away in the direction of hills screaming but didn't. and we are glad that she didn't!

this next picture was taken on 21st February 1982. how do i know? someone had written it on the back of the Polaroid picture! anyway, here's Colin & Angela, doing something of a "Del Boy & Rodney" appearance!

Colin's Mobile pantry was excellent! i remember working a couple of days with him when we moved back from Australia, it was great fun. not as much fun as when we drove around flogging potatoes, but that's another story....

....and now, some self-inflicted revenge on behalf of my Dad. who could forget the "Hello Sailors" post i did of him? as it turns out, there's an even better pic of me in a sailors outfit than any of the ones of "Admiral Bob".

well, it was the 80s. i am not sure my Dad has ever thought of wearing a pair of Andrew Ridgley style tight, short white pants, to be honest. i have a deep concern that my mate Spiros will be rather over-stimulated when he sees this picture; i can only hope for the best......

thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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