Wednesday, February 11, 2009

photography by James!

hey everyone

well, this post started out with the intention of being one of some class pictures of James eating an absolutely massive bowl of strawberry jelly and custard. this idea was somewhat surpassed when James decided that he would in fact quite like to have a go with the camera!

ladies and gents, here is the first ever picture taken by James!

not a bad first effort, since he managed to slightly listen to the advice and guidance i gave him on how the camera works! we did manage to persuade him that it would probably be better if all of Mummy and Daddy were in the viewfinder when he pressed the button to take the picture. this he did indeed take on-board, with the result being this pic!

we had a serious case of the giggles when he took this pic, i am delighted to report. his face was a picture of dedication to his art and craft, i dare say not even the great Kubrick looked as determined as he as he "lensed" the frame, or whatever the right term is!

taking pictures of Mummy and Daddy soon, as you would expect, got rather tiresome for James, so off he went around the house snapping away. here are a few selected works from his shooting session today.

first up would be my CD stand, which has been beautified with images of Brandon Whatsisname from Superman Returns. needless to say, i had little to do with this beautification of the CD stand; James had a very great deal indeed to do with it.

next up is a picture of one of our cats, Caremon.

Caremon on the whole is a good deal more passive than our other cat, Gizelle. yes, i know it is supposed to be "Giselle", but it's Michele's way! anyway, whilst Gizelle ran off at the sight of James and the camera, Caremon was most happy to remain sitting still for a snap or two!

artists are often faced with challenges for the form, and James is no exception. how does one combine the majesty of a big dinosaur in a picture with perennial favourite Noddy? James hit upon an interesting resolution to this great artistic question!

we have one or two Noddy books, but thus far i have not found a copy of Noddy Gets Eaten Off A Big Massive Dinosaur Whilst Eating A Sweetie. if such a volume exists, i doubt very much indeed that it would be better than this pic! i do rather like the velociraptor in the background, either trying to wave hello or have a little nibble himself!

and finally, Mummy was called on again to prostrate herself before the lens of James, but this time only to hold up a picture that James wished to take a picture of. nothing like a bit of avant garde, post modernist art, hey, son? anyway, some of you might appreciate the picture for this coming Saturday!

there are many (trust me, many, many) more pictures that James took this afternoon. i am, however, not particularly inclined to show off his admittedly well framed images of the inside of our bin or the cat food bowls, and i would suggest that you are unlikely to be of a mind to wish to see them anyway!

i would imagine that James will be keen to have another go with the camera sooner rather than later. if he does, i will do my best to post what he sees up here!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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