Monday, February 16, 2009

Morrissey Revealed.............

hey everyone

well, those ace chaps at record store have excelled themselves, as today i received my copy of Morrissey's new single, Throwing My Arms Around Paris, within a week of its release in the UK! nice one!

i suppose i should give some credit to those erratic people at the South African Post Office (who now claim to wish to be "in the Top 10" of world postal systems) for the safe delivery of this. i would, but the latest edition of my magazine subscription, due two weeks ago, still hasn't arrived.

as for the single package, well, it was a bit disappointing that Moz had opted for 2 CD's and 1 7" single instead of the usual 1 CD and 2 7" singles this time around, but there you go. there are certainly no complaints about the content. we've all heard the single Paris already of course, but the b-sides are well worth getting. the 7" comes with a rough live reading of Death Of A Disco Dancer which makes the collection worthwhile in itself, and the one CD single has Shame Is The Name on it, featuring no less than Chrissie Hynde.

the artwork, as you can see, is first class Morrissey - a stylish picture of the man himself on the front, and some 19th Century painting details on the inside...

erm, also on the inside are some pictures of Morrissey and his merry musicians. one of the CD singles features the band being forced to hold a copy of what is, unless i am mistaken, the latest Greatest Hits Morrissey CD, the other featuring just the band holding albums of their own choice. as for the 7" single picture, well.....

rather interesting, Moz! all good fun, and at least the ego factor didn't get in the way, since they have not used 12" singles or albums! i must say i did not expect this picture, but there you go!

yes, dear sister Gillian, i know you probably want a closer look for "artistic reasons". here you go!

what can i say? the new Morrissey single offers you a glimpse at Morrissey's new attire and some great music. go and buy it!!!!!!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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