Monday, February 02, 2009

visiting the birthday girl

hey everyone

it's sadly all too rare that we get to go and see Richard, Erika and the delightful Lyla, i am sorry to report. oh well, at least we make the most of it when we get to them!

Lyla turned two a week or so ago, and so it was time to visit and bestow upon her some nice gifts. James very kindly offered to, and in fact did, open most of her presents for her!

anyway, here's the birthday girl, who has got the hang of this walking / running business..

and here's James making some noise, watched carefully by The Don himself, Grandad!

and here are the two of them delving into the party packs that Erika made. they were most class packs, but as you can guess, they were rather more interested in each others' than their own!!

James really took a shine to the "chocolate money coins" in them! thanks again Erika!

speaking of taking a shine to things, James was mesmerized by Lyla's birthday present from her Mummy and Daddy!

the remote control to use it is somewhat undermined by the fact that a two (or three) year old in the car can override it, but nonetheless this battery powered street machine is rather class!! oh dear, i think Mummy and Daddy are going to have to verk very hard indeed to try and get you one of these!!

a big thank you to Richard, Lyla and Erika for the lovely dinner and good hospitality, and indeed an equally big thank you to Grandma and Grandad for taking us through! biggest thanks of all, though, is for Grandad and his great driving skills. the road home saw us go through a major rainstorm, and Grandad kept us all safe!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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