Monday, February 02, 2009

The Fruit Of The (New Zea)Land

well, well, well, busy times in New Zealand it would seem! not only have that lot over there remembered how to use the camera and send pictures, they also would appear to be growing things.

it seems that they are growing vegetables (radishes, i believe) rather than fruit as such, but if i had used "vegetable" instead of "fruit" in my title for this, well, it would just not have sounded of the quality you have all grown accustomed to, dear readers.

it would appear that Katie has adopted very much a "James style" of watering the growth in the garden, only Katie, being one month older and thus presumably more mature, ensures that the water at least gets onto some of the things that it should!

it would seem that young Daniel is allowed to help Katie with her gardening. well, either that or Katie allows him to pose in the pictures to add a touch of glamour to them!

all that i have seen and know of young Daniel would suggest that he will have as much fun pulling them all from the soil as Katie did with planting and growing them!!

oh go on then, you know i can't resist - Grant, is this all because some bloke down the pub told you that the sheep in New Zealand really like radishes, and if you give them one they let you [TEXT OBSCURED ON LEGAL ADVICE] even without going to the edge of a cliff??

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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