Monday, February 23, 2009

Sun City, February 2009

hey everyone

well, i probably should be getting some rest after the long journey back from our 4 day break in Sun City, but what the heck, i might as well do an update whilst the repeat of the Oscars is on. Michele is watching it, and i have an ear on it!

we have had, as usual, an ace time up at Sun City. James loves the place, and i think i have the right pictures here to show why! first up would be the thing that filled most of our days, which is swimming!

James is quite the water baby when it suits him (usually not bath time), and he loves the idea of all the different swimming areas up there. The one above, which Mummy went into with him, is at least heated and very pleasant. the kids swimming area ("Adventure Island), which Daddy gets to go in with him, is not!

Adventure Island features a massive castle / mountain (it's not sure what it wants to be, really - the pic makes it look like a mountain, but it also has castle-esque windows and what not) which James likes to go to the top of. James, however, does not particularly care for the walk up it. i then end up carrying him up the small, slippery steps, designed with the width of an average 8 or 9 year old in mind!

now James really doesn't like showers or any sort of water hitting his head. i was a bit surprised when he then asked me to take him under an ice cold waterfall. ho hum, Mummy at least captured the moment when we got out from under it, after all of two seconds i seem to recall!

Mummy also captured his exceptional dislike for being under the ice cold waterfall for two seconds, momentarily forgetting that it was all his idea in the first place. i think i am giving a hand up to say we are OK rather than waving hello!

the great discovery James made this holiday was how absolutely ace water slides are. the last time we were up there he had a bit of a look at them, but decided against going down. this time around many, many children were bombing down them, and so he decided to join in the fun. and, of course, loved it!!

honesty is a big thing for James at the moment. when we told him it was time to go, instead of saying something like "just one more go" he said "Daddy, i am going down five more times.". to his credit, he did indeed count going down another 5 times and then called it a day! the fact that he's doing this at 3 strikes me as being rather impressive; can't wait for those "know it all" teenage days. which i never, ever had, obviously....

...erm, moving on, here's a remarkable and quite accidental shot that makes James look like he has perfected the art of walking on water!

not quite a miracle, dear readers. this pic looks like it is taken at the paper thin shallow end of the rather shallow (and wisely so) kiddies pool! still, it does look rather impressive!

when not swimming, James was rather keen to practice his game skills which he has so diligently been working on with what used to be my Play Station. here he is navigating the woods of Endor with Mummy on the ace Star Wars Arcade machine, one that i would not object to getting rid of the bed in our house to accommodate.

sorry for the poor quality of the above, like the below one it was taken on my cell phone. i think i have, to put it technically, "knacked the lens" on it a bit.

and here i am with a gift from THE KING

it's one of those "coin waterfall" thingies, sorry, i am not sure what the right name is for them. you put coins in with the hope of pushing others over and into your tray. all i know is that it is an official signature product of THE KING and is thus to be revered. i tried to encourage James to play it, but he was having none of it. except for one instance where he started to do an Elvis dance near it; a quite poignant and beautiful moment!

Jungle Gyms are another big favourite for James, and the one near the class breakfast buffet area proved to be a winner for the young man. here he is emerging from the slide with a block that he insisted on carrying all the way to the top. some 6 - 7 metres up!

and here he is in front of some bizarre European architecture tribute they have put up near the kids area!

why on earth they have selected these three from Europe is a mystery. sure, they are probably the three most easily recognized land marks from the continent (sorry, Germany), but why have them where they do? methinks they are left over props from some exhibition or conference, but never mind, they look rather good!

now then, some would balk at the warning at the most excellent crocodile park / reserve they have at Sun City....

....but not Daddy and James!

as James loves the crocodiles, there's no way that we wouldn't take him along to see them again. this time, however, there was the added bonus of being able to feed the baby crocodiles!

now crocodiles, strictly speaking, are not vegetarians, and thus it was chicken feet that we were given to feed them. James was somewhat wary of handling them, even with the gloves on, but soon threw some over the wall for them!

and my, were the baby crocs happy to get them! for the most part, the crocodiles tend to just lay in the water or on the bank, but blimey did they shift and grab the food we gave them!

well done James, you have done your bit to help them grow up big and strong, rather like this one has....

well, i think that will do it for pics from our holiday, especially as i am sat here yawning away!

a very big thank you indeed to Grandma and Grandad for arranging the weekend away for us, we loved just about every minute of it! fingers crossed the world class Post Office delivers your card from there at some point this year!!

now, if you have skipped over my Trev and Simon post below, go and read it, and go and visit their site!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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