Saturday, February 07, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter

hey everyone

well, i am not really in the business of having 'guest articles' on this site of mine; i think the closest is when i have posted the odd funny article or obituary, with the relevant credit being attached. other than that, if memory serves, the only other guest articles over the last five or so years were from Fraser, namely his musings on Chaka Demus and Pliers, and the article he forced me to write when i was in the wrong about a Hawk Man character on Buck Rodgers.

however, dear readers, exactly who would refuse a request from their dear Mum to put a specific article up??

Gillian and Grant, in a rather rich vein of form, have sent some more pictures this week. i think that's two lots in the space of two weeks, quite an achievement for this apparently scarce if not rare thing down there.

and with those digs i wonder why they don't send more.....moving along, some of the pics were at some sort of funfair or amusement arcade, and feature young Katie riding on a carousel horse, clearly enjoying it!

before we continue, Gillian please note - this is Mum's article, i am the messenger!

Mum seemed to recall pictures of Gillian in a similar pose to Katie, and her recollections were not to be doubted. ladies and members of the gentry that read this site, i hereby give you Gillian, aged (i think) about 5. and a bit..

a rather nice co-incidence! as best we can work out, the pics of Gillian are from the lovely Torquay, in the summer of 1983 when we had a most excellent camping holiday picture down there. i think i have posted some pics from that holiday before. i reminisce again anyway - that was the summer during which The Kinks' Come Dancing ruled the chart, we went to the then prestigious Radio One Roadshow (they probably don't do it anymore), we had all just seen the "last ever" Star Wars film, Return Of The Jedi, at the cinema, and a certain band called Frankie Goes To Hollywood was about to be unleashed onto the mainstream...

now, the above two pictures are pretty good for a comparison, but the next two are even better! here's Katie again.....

and here's Gillian!...................

well, we at least think that the pictures are from Torquay! Gillian has the sun-burned white hair we three returned to the UK from Australia with! i suppose it is remotely possible that they are from the land next door to the one that Gillian lives in now. i think they are Torquay though - if it was Blackpool, we would have only gone in October for the lights, and Gillian would not be wearing summer attire!

anyway, hope you liked the pics and the memories, in particular Gillian! don't worry too much sis, i suspect that as and when Grandma persuades James to pose as Adam Ant she will have a rather interesting article about me to pose......but until then, i confess nothing!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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