Friday, June 27, 2008

Primal Scream returns!!

well, there were rumours about some new Primal Scream stuff coming out this year; i guess they are true!!

the new single from the lads, Can't Go Back, is out on July 14, and so you are of course encouraged to buy it.

there are some good deals around for it, but best of the lot as usual is the chaps at record, wo are selling it as a bundle of the 7" and the CD. they also have a download option but, alas, that's only available to people in the UK. nonetheless, i urge you to click here to order now!

now, as much as i love Primal Scream, as any quality music fan does, i do hope this is in a different direction from the last effort, Riot City Blues. not bad at all, but a bit too much country and western for my usual tastes!

anyway, welcome back Bobby, Mani and the gang!
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