Tuesday, June 03, 2008

this way, cousin!!!

hi everyone

well, last weekend James got to spend some quality time with two of the many ladies in his life, Lyla and Grandma! James was delighted by the fact that Lyla is now reasonably comfortable walking, and took that as reason to take her by the hand and drag her all around Grandma's house, showing her all the wonderful things that Grandma and Grandad have there!!

the two of them tend to have fun together for the most part, but i am led to believe that as soon as one of them wants to play with one toy, the other then all of a sudden decides that they wish to too, and a "disagreement" of sorts tends to erupts. oh well, it normally ends with the two of them giving each other a hug and a kiss!

and here's dinner time. as far as i can work out, James is using one of his class Batman or Superman juice bottles to fill up Lyla's cup. well, it is a cup of sorts, it appears to me as a bowl from the class ice cream place across the road from Grandma's house!

there's plenty more pictures for me to try and get up here, but there's also plenty on my desk at verk these days. i shall do my best!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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