Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mod Revolution

following a rather wise, and to a degree inspirational, suggestion from Howard, i am currently contemplating the ways and means of starting something of a Mod revolution in the world around me.

this idea of being a Pete Townshend double is a rather class one - i dare say that i could manage to "windmill" a guitar and i have no doubt that i could do a pretty good job of smashing up equipment too. if i have the ability to play the guitar to within a single degree of the skill Mr Townshend has, however, is a question that could be easily answered with a categoric, resounding no.

i am doing the next best thing, i guess, which would be playing this fine album from the above mentioned genius and his band, as it celebrates all things Mod.

the ipod thingie, for reasons best known to itself, threw up Bell Boy at random 3 (three!) times last week, a clear sign as it has some 4000 tracks to randomly play. nice one!!

and, as winter has dawned here and dispensed her harsh cold winds, James goes about his days in a rather smart jacket we got for him. is it me, for a moment, or does James not have something of a Mod look to him in it??

James, like i would imagine most of his age, usually does not like the cumbersome ways of wearing a jacket or extra jumpers, but he appears to have taken something of a shine to this one. nice one, it looks rather smart on the lad!!

it is also not a million miles away, in style if not size of course, from being rather like my beloved green jacket, now long since gone. i think there's a glimpse of it in the Riverside picture of me somewhere on this site, if one is inclined to compare!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!
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