Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cake + Candles = Delighted James

James, thankfully, tends to love the very simple things of life. this is no bad thing, and we encourage him with it. one of his greatest passions, at least of the last six or so months, has been to sing Happy Birthday for anyone that it occurs to him to sing for; if there is a cake with candles on it to blow out well, so much the better for him!!

you don't need to accept just my word for this at all, i believe the picture below as they are all busy with Erika's birthday cake should show his enthusiasm for birthday celebrations!

the next round of birthdays are only in August, if i remember correctly. oh dear! i dare say we shall have to pick up the odd cake, and have some semi-celebrations for any number of his beloved Dinosaur or Batman toys!

James also quite likes eating birthday cake, as much as he loves blowing out the candles, but as you can see below, Lyla seems far more interested in just getting on with eating it!

if i recall correctly, convention suggests that it should be the birthday girl, in this case Erika, who gets to blow out the candles and bother the design of the cake. no chance of that whatsoever with James around!!

it is a delight to see Lyla watching cousin James get on with it with a sense of awe and anticipation!! note the half eaten gingerbread man there - James loves them too, but soon dispenses with them when he has either had enough, or if some birthday cake comes along!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!
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