Monday, June 16, 2008

double celebration Sunday!!

hey everyone

well, Sunday was a busy day! as well as being Father's Day, James turned two and a half, or, if you will in his words, "twoo 'alf". every day is a good day to have fun, but there was double reason for us to do it! Mummy certainly spoiled the both of us anyway!!

i took James off to see his friend and mine, Steve at Chilli Vinyl, and was able to pick up some excellent new records, notably an awesome double set of The Who, as well as the best of Jason Donovan. Michele has expressed an interest in me not playing one of those two, guess which!

otherwise, we went on our usual Sunday shopping spree, and it was this fine Sunday that James decided to see what would happen if he picked up a box of eggs and drop it on the floor. oh dear! the staff of the shop were most understanding, at the least!!

hope you all had a most excellent weekend!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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