Monday, June 30, 2008

James at the Weekend

hey everyone

well, after a brief flirtation with being rather proud to pose for pictures, James is once again back to his habit of running away or turning around whenever the camera is out. i was, however, able to snap a few pics when Grandma and Grandad came over to visit and play!!

first off here we are with Grandad, playing nicely in the garden and wearing his smart new Pickled Pig shirt. it's a very nice and smart gift from Grandma and Grandad from their trip away last weekend.

and yes, those who know me well, it is true that if those black and white stripes were vertical rather than horizontal, no there is no way that i would let him wear it!!

James and Grandad had enormous fun running about in the garden, just before Grandad decided it would be a good idea to hack at least one of our trees down to nearly nothing on the promise that it might grow back all busy, and then filling in a hole in the garden. that was surrounded by some sort of small fencing, but fencing that all the same offended him. nice one, we should really draw up a list of things we would like done on a DIY level before Grandad arrives!!

now, is it just me, or does the above picture show something of a (ahem) "miskick" from James?????

Grandma was involved in the fun too, but rather wisely decided not to try and run around to keep up with him!!

and yes, eagle eyed viewers, the deflated (probably punctured) crab pool has subsequently been folded away in the hope that the grass grows back. on the orders of Grandad, of course!!

and here's a pic of James almost standing still for a picture.....

....followed by one where he did manage to keep still for just enough seconds for the camera to do its thing!!!!!

hope you all had a great weekend, we certainly did!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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