Tuesday, November 23, 2010

concert time

hey everyone

well, over the next few months down here we have the likes of U2, Duran Duran, Roxette, Neil Diamond and The Beach Boys on their way to do a few concerts. that's pretty good news for fans of live entertainment, but not really a match for the concert we had the distinct honour of attending last weekend!

and just what is it that we saw that could be better than Simon le Bon being Simon le Bon? better than Bono standing and telling you how you should all follow his high moral outlook and lifestyle with the exception of his elaborate "tax management" system? why, that would be the usual school concert featuring James of course!

the concerts James does at school are usually great entertainment, but this year they went "extra special mega" as it were, hiring a hall at a nearby primary school and really pulling out all the stops for the production.

some of the set deserves a bit of a closer inspection!

if the Magic School Bus looks impressive, it jolly well should, for Michele designed the name and the stars you see along the side! it's across both sides too, as they were unsure as to which way it would face on the stage! i certainly hope you think it looks impressive, as much of my printers' ink was sacrificed to produce the initial versions and this final one!

a special mention too for the palm tree branches you can see on the front of the stage. up until the afternoon of the concert they were quite happily minding their own business in our garden!

now, as for actual pictures of the concert itself, i must say that, alas, i have not many. i was too busy filming the concert to take all that many pictures, and Michele was of course busy trying to contain William's enthusiasm for crawling and trying to walk everywhere! i did, however, get a quick snap of James at the interval!

all of the children did an exceptionally good job with their parts, and full credit indeed to all the teachers who have put so much hard work into this, encouraging the children and doing rehearsal after rehearsal!

William more or less enjoyed it too!

whereas William is a little too young to be in the concert itself at this stage, he did spend a good portion of the show standing on Mummy's legs, dancing away!

and yes, family members, copies of the disc with the concert on shall be sent to you as soon as possible!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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