Sunday, November 28, 2010

51 weeks later......

hey everyone

well, this is a little bit late, but last Thursday saw William celebrate 51 weeks of being with us. i thought i had better get some pictures of him on that day before he went off to be an all big, grown up one year old!

he was quite interested in what i was doing with the camera, hence this close up!

however, he was much more interested in doing some crawling, in particular in the direction of rooms that he is not supposed to crawl into unattended!

James, however, was quite happy to pose for a picture or two, in particular as it allowed him to show off a splendid new toy aeroplane he had got with his dinner!

no doubt later this week there will be many pictures of William celebrating turning one year old, but for the mean time today we had the distinct pleasure of going to the birthday party ofone of his friends from daycare, Rahil.

i ws quite chuffed to get this next picture, i think it looks ace!

we went to a place called (i think) Yeesh!, and i must say we all enjoyed it. the place appears to be a large sort of factory warehouse place which has been converted into one great big giant jungle gym. this is something which impressed James very much indeed!

William was equally taken with the place too! he sometimes forgets that he can more or less walk these days - give him a ball to chase over some mats and off he goes!

the party was nothing short of fantastic, and a very big thanks indeed to Rahil's mother and father for their generous hospitality!

we are all rather worn out from the day, but what a way to be worn out! rather having a great time than being stuck on a highway, i guess!

hope whatever you did over the weekend left you as happy and content as our weekend has!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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