Wednesday, November 24, 2010

now that Lennon's on sale again....

it's not often that i get spooked or disturbed by news, but having read the news today i have a distinct feeling that something is rather wrong.

it has been announced that, for a price in excess of £500,000.00, a signed copy of John Lennon & Yoko Ono's Double Fantasy album is up for sale.

the reason for the high price, and for this being so disturbing, is because it is the signed copy of the album. the one Lennon signed for Mark Chapman a few hours before Chapman murdered him.

the album is covered in police markings and annotations, the least of which is not forensic highlighting of Chapman's fingerprints. it is a slice of evidence for one of the darkest days that the world had known.

the current "owner" has decided to sell it due to an increase in death threats against them, something in itself which is macabre and disturbing considering what this item represents.

whereas i don't join in with the usual beautification and all praise celebration of the man (he was deeply flawed, to say the least), i do appreciate and respect John Lennon for what he tried to do, which was make the world a better place. i also see the senseless shooting of him as the single biggest argument for taking every firearm in the world, dropping them in a huge hole in the middle of nowhere and never allowing one to be seen on the face of our planet ever again.

i really do not understand why it is that this item is allowed to be in the hands of a private collector. if one accepts that the historical significance of this album means that it should not be destroyed, then rather being locked away it should be put on public display somewhere.

Forrest Gump may very well be one of the most trashy, exploitative films ever made, but in regards of John Lennon there was one line that summed up the tragedy of his murder : "One day, that young man from Eng-a-land was on his way home, when somebody shot him, somebody shot that nice man for no particular reason.". this copy of Double Fantasy belongs in a museum or as part of a memorial and should be seen by all as a permanent testament about the stupidity of a senseless act and the tragedy of it all.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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