Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy Novomber everyone!

hey everyone

well, i am not going to say that i don't use this blog to whine, moan and groan every now and then because i do, as some of you have kindly pointed out in the past. i do, however, usually try to steer clear of the typical "what's wrong with South Africa" stuff. the incident today, however, is priceless, and i can't resist sharing.

we arrived home today to discover a leaflet advising that power would be off, for 12 straight hours (although probably more on past experience) this Sunday and the following Monday.

first up, it's hard to decide which emotion to have - frustration and disappointment that yet again they are switch the power off in residential areas on a Sunday, or sheer joy, jubilation and elation at the fact that they are letting people know in advance for a change?

then you have a look at the leaflet in a bit closer detail :

hmn, as far as i can tell, we have had a notification of power outages in areas that are close to us, but not quite actually us. i mean, unless they have radically changed the borders and boundaries for subburbs (very likely) and subsequently maintained and changed all the power sub-stations in accordance with the new boundaries (highly, extremely unlikely), nope, we don't feature on that list. so, is it that they have put the wrong places on the form (very likely) or have they dropped them all of at a load of houses that will be unaffected, leaving those areas which will be without power, as it were, in the dark (bingo!)?

leaving that aside (and we shall stock up flasks of hot water and arm ourselves with batteries like we do every weekend anyway), have a look at the dates they list. here is a closer look :

Novomber? Novomber? what on earth? how do you let a spelling mistake like that slide by? or have they changed the names of the months too (don't tempt them, really don't)?

this really frustrates me. as happy as i am in my place of verk, i would love nothing more than to be in a job or field working with language. well, i do have two degrees in Literature (not that you would guess from some of my posts), and love writing. i wouldn't wish to go on about them here, but for "a variety" of reasons i am unable to get either a teaching or official communications job here. i really wish i could to help offical institutions stop making themselves look as illiterate as they are frequently useless, but also to let other get the benefit of what few skills i have. ho hum.

well, i shall be rather curious as to whether or not we are blessed with the electricity we pay ever more for this weekend, and of course i really look forward to the next official form to be handed out!

bee excollont to eech ather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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