Monday, November 01, 2010

...nothing like the sun

hey everyone

well, a new week, a new month, and a new strange phenomenon in the skies for us in Johannesburg today!!

i am not sure if this site brought the whole of Johannesburg to a standstill this morning, but it kind of felt like it!

there are of course a number of theories around what caused this strange effect of a circle around the sun. the proverbial "Second Coming" features on a number of lists, as indeed does the notion that this somehow signals the arrival of the first wave of alien invaders at our fine planet.

considering that the Chinese are known to have various bits of equipment that can alter or otherwise affect the wedding, and the fact that i have proven conclusively that The King, Elvis Presley, lives there, i suspect it might be nothing more than a signal deployed from KFC China, saying "send more buckets please".

to be somewhat boring and give the actual reason for this display, it seems that this rainbow-like circle is known as the "halo effect", and is caused by "falling ice crystals". i see! erm, that doesn't quite explain why the ice crystals are falling from or indeed where from, and nor does it shed light on why it appears to be a perfect circle (or close to it!). it does explain the pretty rainbow effect, i guess!

i have no idea if this was visible anywhere else in the world - can't see any references or pics on the interwebnet, at the least. if it was visible in other places, well, here is how we saw it. as ever, these images are the work of Trigger, my personal photographer, with one or two of them coming from his (very) willing new sidekick in regards of all my photographic needs, Shervon.

if you have any ideas, theories or concerns about this strange sight, please feel free to post a comment! keep it clean, and don't try and sell me anything!

update : Dad has just sent on this image he took from their garden this morning :

very impressive picture, well done Dad!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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