Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Katie!

hey everyone

well, leaving aside the great significane for us Bowiephiles that Five Years has, let us all rejoice and say a very happy birthday indeed to my dear, oldest niece, Katie!

perhaps, however, the good people of New Zealand are quite taken with Mr Bowie's song mentioned, for it seems that on the day you turn five over there, it's all change! whereas most places, i think, have you go to "big school" in the year that you turn a certain age, in New Zealand it seems you head off on the academic journey offered on the day of your fifth birthday!

and so, to that end, Katie bid a fond farewell to the magnificent playschool / daycare place that she had been going to and indeed enjoying.

my dear sister, of course, never really needs an excuse to deliver some baking to mark an event, and Katie leaving playschool was no different at all. here is the impressive pyramid of fairy cakes she had baked for the occasion!

they look very, very yummy! i am sure we could make something almost as half as good here, but alas switching the oven on seems to switch the power off in our house at the moment!

on the subject of fairies, however, Katie had a most splendid party at the weekend, with entertainment provided by no less than Fairy Jessica, who you can find the details of if you click on her name there. i think, i did an interwebnet search and that seems to be her!

it looks like Fairy Jessica provides some excellent, grade "A" high quality entertainment for the party! Daniel, in his secret disguise as the Batman of New Zealand, seems to be having none of it, though!

which might turn out to be a bit of a shame, and indeed loss, for Daniel, as it looks like Ms Jessica does a fine line in making excellent balloon swords!

i dare say mostly Gillian, but also Grant, are rather exhausted after the party for Katie, but it looks all worthwhile and it certainly seems that all and sundry had fun! the most important person would be the birthday girl, of course, and as far as i can tell, Katie's outlook is to have a good time all the time!

lovely! thanks for all the pictures, and glad to see that you have all clearly had a really good time! i think the only thing missing was probably us lot! no doubt we shall all get together and be there one day!

crumbs, this means that James shall turn five in a month!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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