Thursday, December 25, 2008


hey everyone

well, if i had any sense i would be in bed right now, as we have all had a long, fun and busy day! as i seem to have a second (or perhaps) third wind of energy right now, i figured that i might as well upload some of the many pictures taken from today!

James was well and truly excited about Christmas this year. he's not quite ready for the true meaning and spirit of Christmas as such, but he did quite like the idea of this Father Christmas bloke. he's spent the whole month being a very good boy in the hope that Father Christmas will deliver presents, and opening up his advent calendar every day.

as James had been (by his standards) a very good boy, Father Christmas did indeed visit us last night, drank the strawberry milkshake and ate the cookies which James left for him and then left some presents under the tree. odd that Father Christmas was left strawberry milkshake - Gillian & Richard, didn't Dad encourage us to leave a rather large whisky out for him????

anyway, James seemed to be thrilled with all the presents left for him under the tree. as James has a keen interest in music and singing, he was delighted with the "jumbo jet" shaped music player, as well as the Winne The Pooh and Nursery Rhyme CDs to play on it. it wasn't long, however, before he grabbed the mic and gave his version of We Will Rock You a go!

all i can give you for this next pic is a quote from a band of note (who?); did you ever see the faces of the children they get so excited, waking up on Christmas morning hours before the winters' sun's ignited?

how true, except we have a summer sun, and James slept to around 8am, which was a very nice and very unexpected Christmas present!!

anyway, later on in the morning Grandma and Grandad came to visit. Father Christmas had accidentally left a present for James at their house, and so they brought it over for him! it's a wonderful playhouse for the garden, and James was (by his standards) patient whilst Grandad and Mummy built it. hardly any bits got hidden, broken or thrown around!

Daddy and Grandma were, of course, far too busy taking pictures to help with the house building, and they probably would have made a mess of it anyway!!

Father Christmas also somehow managed to accidentally leave Christmas presents for Grandma and Grandad at James' house. it's entirely possible that James is contemplating what exactly is going on with regards to that in this picture, as Father Christmas seems much better organized than that in the Winnie The Pooh film!

oh well, never mind that Father Christmas got some houses mixed up, Grandad and Mummy got the house built, and it is just fine for James and Grandma to play in!!

well, there are many more pics from today, but now any blasts of energy that i had have gone back to wherever they came from! i will try and upload some more in the near future, especially as i have finally gotten around to taking some 3 or 4 GB-worth of pictures of Grandad's laptop!

i truly hope that you all had a wonderful day today!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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