Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The South African Post Office - back to business as usual

Hi Everyone

well, that didn't take long! after celebrating the Post Office doing the job for which they are paid (refer to my Miracles of the South African Post Office update), they are back to being as incompetent and useless as ever. this time in a rather open and spectacular way.

an item was sent to me via overnight courier, due for delivery at the Post Office today. I had a "tracking" number and everything. you need to produce ID and sign for an item like this. not at my Post Office, it seems. the manager - note, THE MANAGER, a lady called Mirriam Ramatsoma, had no problem whatsoever with handing over my parcel to someone else, despite the parcel clearly stating my name and address, and the person collecting it producing no ID, no tracking number, nothing. Mirriam's comment on this was that "people make mistakes" and she could not for the life of her understand why on earth i would be so upset about a registered mail item that was sent to me being given to someone else.

to try and ascertain exactly how all of this was possible, i contacted the division of the Post Office responsible for this overnight delivery, the laughably named Speed Services. there a gentleman called Walter Makoba regaled me with tales of how they are "doing us a favour" by delivering any parcels, and tried to tell me that it is "not easy to do their job". i believe i will be having a chat with a Prince Phahla, Tel 011 961 3122, in the near future. Prince is fortunate enough to be the boss for the area Walter works in, i cannot wait to hear tales of his plight.

i would say i cannot wait to hear their explanation for all of this, but i will have to - my complaint to them about stolen items in June has yet to illicit any sort of response from them............

excluding crass and incompetent Post Office employees, be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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