Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Miracles of the South African Post Office

hey everyone

well, it is the season of miracles i guess, but who would have thought something as miraculous as my dear old friends at the Post Office doing some 50% of their job would occur?

now, the SAPO is not the most incompetent institution here, as they still trail behind those fine bodies that are Eskom, Home Affairs and Telkom, but usually they are always on the lookout for ways in which they can do a bad job even worse with the obligatory hope of inflicting inconvenience and frustration on us, those trivial clients who pay them to do their job. behold, however, for i bring you tales of wonder of them doing (half of) the job for which they are employed and paid.....

first off, as exhibited by my dear Uncle Trevor here, they have actually managed to deliver the Christmas cards i have sent. you would think that such an action is relatively straightforward for them, but this has not been the case. the Christmas cards i posted in November 2006 eventually arrived as soon as June 2007, as i recall - yes folks, a mere 7 months and one 11 hour plane trip after sending them they arrived safe and sound at their destination. i seem to recall me engaging in a conversation with them around how i could have delivered them myself with a plank of wood and a paddle at the time, but they lacked the most basic of competent service skills to respond.

not content with delivering mail i have posted, the South African Post Office availed of another miracle - get this, they actually managed to deliver mail to me!!!!! this has proved rather difficult for them in the past, what with their main priority being to steal as many items from everyone as possible and then claim that the intended recipients actually stole them (refer to any posts about, who still refuse to ship here). all the more astonishing in respect of this fine miracle was that we did not have to beg them to check if their was any post for us!!!! they willingly handed over mail addressed to us that was paid to be delivered to us! just look at the shock, awe, amazement and wonder on James' face as he studies this curious thing which appears to have materialised out of thin air :)

i have no idea if they have got carried away with the season of goodwill, but one can only hope that this new found attitude of their prevails well into the new year!

not that i would wish to appear ungrateful or nonchalant about these two fine miracles, but if they could now be so kind as to extend this dazzling display and deliver the last two editions of my magazine subscription, not to mention the latest Oasis 7", well, i would be a rather astonished, happy customer.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!! and, if you are lucky enough to receive anything at all in the post that isn't junk mail which they get paid even more to deliver, gather all you know around you to behold in envy and awe as you open it up!
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