Sunday, December 14, 2008

surprise! birthday party!

hi everyone

well, with this weekend being the nearest to James' birthday, we decided to have his birthday party now instead of the actual day. this makes is somewhat easier for everyone, and as we are headlong into holiday season, allows people to get going on their travels!

James of course did not know that we were having a birthday party for him, or obviously where we would be having it. if he knew that not only were we having a party but also that it was at his beloved Lory Park zoo, right in between his favourites the lions and the tigers, we would not have gotten any sleep or rest until the event!

James wasn't the only one to get a surprise - the whole place has been revamped and, where once there were two lions, now they have three!

i must confess, though - although we were up at Lory Park for much longer than usual, we managed to see less of the animals that we normally would! well, it was a birthday party, and so they were all running around and playing!

James was delighted to have so many friends there, but i think the best for him was his beloved, dear cousin Lyla. the two of them tend to be on the inseparable side when together, with James always being careful to go steady and look after Lyla. or drag her a little bit if he is in a rush to see the play park and baby tigers!

the two of them do get on rather well, in particular when there's no specific toys lying around to claim ownership of!

Lyla wasn't the only lovely cousin visiting for the birthday party - Jade and Skyla came along too, and nearly all the ladies and James looked the right way for a picture!

oh dear, James really doesn't like the idea of posing for pictures from time to time. we tried our best to get one of some of us all together, but James' eyes followed in the direction of where his mind wandered......

anyway, as well as playing, birthday parties are also all about getting all sorts of sweets and treats and nice things to eat! Michele really, really excelled herself with this one - well done on the excellent party packs and the nice lunch for everyone!

and, of course, the centrepiece of any birthday party - the birthday cake! with the many, many favourite things James has in his world, getting the perfect design for him was always going to be tricky. Mummy, however, opted for a smart looking Toy Story one, which James and everyone else was rather impressed with!

well, everyone else was impressed with it, but for some reason James got it into his head that the best part of the cake to eat would be Woody and Buzz's heads, and was rather determined to persuade Mummy to cut those bits for him!

she didn't, but that didn't stop him getting his fingers into the icing later in the day and having that which he wanted!

and finally, if you are a good boy, which James on occasions is, you get some wonderful presents for your birthday! here's James busy opening an ace looking Spider-Man race track, a very kind and wonderful gift from our friends Elaine, Vince, Candice and Rowan!

right, the whole lot of us are falling asleep! well, Mummy and Daddy are, James is tired, but he's rather insistent on trying to stay awake and play with some of his toys! i think i shall be picking him up and taking him up for a bath and bed rather soon!!

thanks to all who came along, thank you very much to Lory Park for such a wonderful venue, and thanks very much to Mummy for organizing such a great event!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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