Monday, December 08, 2008

Triumph Of A Man Called Bruce

are you people ready for some violence?

making a late run at being the best film of the year, decade, century or perhaps of all time would be My Name Is Bruce, a self-knowing, depreciating tribute to Bruce Campbell, written for, directed by and starring the B-Grade king himself, Mr Bruce Campbell.

now, anyone who has stumbled onto this site already knows the plot backwards, but here you go - My Name Is Bruce revolves around the small town of Gold Lick (spelling?), where an odd Chinese demon who had been locked away is unleashed to cause mayhem and, well, do lots of decapitations. by good fortune, an obsessed Bruce Campbell fan lives in the two and, confusing Bruce the actor with his character of Ash in the magnificent Evil Dead films, promptly kidnaps Bruce to come and sort it all out. oh, and he falls in love with the mother of his number one fan, allowing for that rarest of things - a Bruce Campbell love interest that doesn't meet the business end of an axe, chainsaw, spear or boomstick.

a review of this film is rather easy. if you love Bruce's style, then sit back and laugh yourself silly as he puts himself down, makes bad one-liners and basically does the Bruce Campbell thing for 90 minutes. if you have no idea who Bruce is, or don't really care for what you have seen of him, then go nowhere near this film.

as, sadly, the majority of the world would appear to reside in the latter categories above, this isn't going to get all that big a release. good luck finding it!

oh, all right, it's probably not the best film of the year, never mind the rest, but it's jolly good fun and probably the closest we shall get to an Evil Dead 4 of sorts. Bruce is an entertainer first, actor (kind of) second. i was thoroughly entertained by this gem, and i would imagine all other fans of him will be too.

now if only he could be persuaded to change his mind and once again play The King in the proposed Bubba Ho Tep sequel...........

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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