Wednesday, December 15, 2010

when i'm five....

hey everyone

well, it's late and i am falling asleep, but it would not be fair if i didn't fire off a quick post to say Happy Birthday James once again, and share some of the pictures from today!

i can share pictures with you but, alas, we can't share this splendid cake across the internet - digital technology is not quite there yet!

it is something of a tradition at James and William's day care to bring in a cake for everyone on your birthday, so top marks to Grandma for arranging this fine Bakugan one for him! he certainly had fun blowing out the candles as we all sang!

after blowing out the candles it was time for everyone to have a slice of cake. now, we did our absolute best to sort of control and supervise James in his ambition to cut it all up himself, but it's not quite as easy as you may think to do this.

a bread knife isn't quite as spectacular as a chainsaw or a lightsaber, i suppose, but to James it is a most excellent thing to be handed to you and (more or less) allowed to be let loose with!

you go for it, son!

now, i am not sure if James' intention in the next picture was to evoke memories of King Julien out of Madagascar, but that's what he does with some ease!!

meanwhile, once back home, it was time to tackle an impressive pile of cards and presents! you may recall that James was only too happy to "help" William open up all of his birthday presents. in fairness to James, he was very eager to get William to help him with his, but for the most part William took an "observe and eat" role in the proceedings.

thank you one and all for all the cards and presents received thus far, by the way! very difficult to tell which is his favourite, but the Super Hero Squad game from Grandma and Grandad has been a hit. as has, indeed, the most excellent Star Wars dining set that arrived all in one piece from New Zealand!

now then, here he is showing off his birthday card from Great Grandma Harland. i include this one as a reminder - Gran has written "buy ice cream" on the inside of the envelope. this could be a subliminal suggestion to us, or it could be one of her usual shopping lists, as unusual as the item would be with the weather in Yorkshire at the moment.

anyway, if someone could remind Gran that she needs to get ice cream, that would be excellent!

well, despite rain for most of the day (preculding James from trying out his ace new swimming pool and saving us from blowing it up) we have had a fantastic time of it! James is now KO on his bed, and i think as soon as i have whacked publish on this post i will be crawling off up to mine!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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