Thursday, December 23, 2010

wa-hey! Dad's mid-life crisis turns up....

hey everyone

well, firstly, apologies for a distinct lack of updates here this December. i have been, if you will, "babysitting" the two boys for the last week or so, and whilst we've been having enormous fun (William in particular took a shine to a jaguar at the zoo, for instance), it's been quite tiring, really. i should in fact be in bed now!!

however, precluding sleep is the event that Richard, Gillian, to an extent our Mum and certainly I have been waiting for for quite some time. there has been the odd hint of our Dad having his mid-life crisis so far, illustrated by incidents such as purchasing a shed, building things and indeed testing the patience of any sort of "special relationship" with Americans in, of all places, Royal Bafokeng Stadium. today, however, behold - the mid-life crisis decision we all dreamed he would make, kind of....

a beauty, isn't it? we did suspect for a while that he would plump for a quad bike, a Harley or a convertible, but we are glad to have been proved wrong with this purchase of a vehicle of class and distinction.

mind, what this picture doesn't show is that he took it for a drive in those lovely red trainers he has.

we look forward to seeing his next investment, of course. driving gloves are pretty much a given, as indeed would be some sort of driving hat. we're not certain which we'd like to see - if he bought a second one like this we could of course call him "Two Jags" or "Prescott", but then again if he just got himself some leather pants (which is very, very likely) we could call him Joey Boswell instead of one of his current nicknames, Freddie Boswell.

nice one Dad, have fun!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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